A sunny day, a picnic rug and some delicious cheesy picnic food ideas make for a perfect day out.

Pass around some bite-size tartlets, slice up a savoury pastry or share a tasty salad. Just add a glass of wine and enjoy lazing the day away.

  • Portability is key so finger food is generally the most successful for picnic fare.
  • A great idea is to pack the ingredients for salads and sandwiches separately and assemble on location.
  • Pack the foods to be eaten last at the bottom of the esky and the first on top, so that you don't have to unpack everything at once.
  • Consider food safety and remember that foods left out of refrigeration for more than 2 hours should be thrown away.
  • Keep food in the esky until serving and avoid making foods made with mayonnaise and other highly perishable ingredients.
  • Freeze a large bottle of Spring water (allowing about 5cm at the top for expansion) to keep your snacks cool. When it melts you’ll have some cold drinking water!
  • Cheese is the perfect portable picnic fare - take along some great South Cape Cheeses and don’t forget your cheese board and knives.
  • For snacking take along some South Cape Parmesan & Garlic Cheese Twists – delicious and can be eaten anytime, anywhere.