Dinner made easy

At South Cape we love cheese recipes that are easy to make but are big on taste!

Add a special something to a zucchini slice, potato bake or a savoury tart by using one of our great flavoured cheeses. Dinner has never been so easy…and cheesey!

  • Opt for "quick and easy" when it comes to the menu.  You can still make an impressive meal that allows you more time to relax and entertain guests.
  • Think home made pizza, pasta and delicious salads that are easy to assemble.
  • Have some nibbles prepared that you and guests can nibble at while you’re chatting over a drink.
  • A cheese plate with a great assortment of South Cape cheeses is a perfect starter and finisher for a ‘get together’.
  • This is a laid back affair so don’t be afraid to delegate; get someone to look after the drinks and put another in charge of the music.