Cheese Platters

Cheese platters are always a crowd favourite.

Here are some simple pointers to ensure your platter is a success

  • Be prepared – make sure your fridge and pantry are stocked with a selection of individual cheeses, crisp breads, fruit pastes, nuts, crackers and wine for entertaining at a moment’s notice!
  • Think variety – be adventurous and choose different cheese styles such as a soft white cheese (Brie or Camembert), a Cheddar and a flavoured cheese.
  • Allow 30g of each cheese per person based on serving four cheeses.
  • Add a sweet touch – cheeses love sweet or fruity accompaniments like quince paste, grapes, fruit bread, a drizzle of honey or dessert wines.
  • When matching with wine, consider if it complements or contrasts with the flavour and texture of the cheese.
  • As a general rule, choose whites and sparkling for soft and fresh cheeses and reds or even beer for harder styles. See our cheese & wine pairing page for more details!


We’ve given you a handy go-to guide for the best accompaniments for our different styles of cheeses. Follow these simple tips for a cheese platter that is sure to impress. The possibilities are delicious!

  • Fetta & Goat’s: Tomatoes, olives, roasted capsicum
  • Camembert/Brie: Crusty bread, ham, red grapes, strawberries, nectarines
  • Cheddar: Quince or Fig paste, green apples, walnuts, raisins and dates
  • Swiss Style: Pickled onions, gherkins, rye or sourdough bread, smoked chicken or ham
  • Parmesan & Pecorino: Asparagus, olives, prosciutto, pears and apples