Fresh & Cream Cheeses - Tips and Facts

A range of deliciously indulgent cream cheeses blended with delicious herbs, chunky vegetable pieces, luscious fruits and crunchy nuts.

Serving Suggestions:
  • Flavoured cream cheeses are ideal with crusty breads or South Cape Crispbread and sweet flavoured cream cheeses are superb served with biscotti.
  • Savoury Fresh Cheeses are great stirred through pasta, crumbled on pizza or spread on toasted ciabatta.
  • Ideal to add a visual and textural point of difference to your cheese plate.
Short Orders:
  • For a delicious filling for crepes, blend some South Cape Apricot & Almond Cream Cheese with some fresh ricotta, lemon zest and castor sugar if desired.
  • Need an impromptu dessert – filled some tinned peach halves with some softened South Cape Fruit, Nut & Brandy Cream Cheese, top with some crumbled sweet biscuit crumbs and bake.
  • Top a pre prepared pizza base with roasted pumpkin, chargrilled capsicum and prosciutto. Top with 1/3 wheel of South Cape Cracked Pepper Cream Cheese and some shaved South Cape Parmesan & bake.
Wine Matching:

Most fresh, unripened cheeses match beautifully with - Sparkling, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, cool climate Shiraz , Pinot Noir, or Grenache.

Selection and Storage: 
  • Always store fresh cheeses in the refrigerator and serve at a cooler temperature than firmer cheeses.
  • These cheeses are highly perishable and have a short shelf life. Be guided by the use by date.
  • Freezing is not recommended.