Soft White Cheeses - Tips and Facts

Cheeses like Brie and Camembert are generally referred to as soft white cheeses. These types of cheeses age from the exterior to the interior. This process contributes to the maturation and the character of the cheese. When the rind of the cheese ages, the surface will start to break down, changing from its pristine white colour to off-white tinged with orange at times. This is an indication that the cheese is ripe and ready to eat.

Serving Suggestions:
  • Serve on a platter with South Cape Quince Paste, figs, guava, muscatels, fruit or almond bread; a crunchy, fresh baguette or South Cape Crispbreads.
  • Drizzle toffee or honey over the cheese and serve with walnuts. Great as a dessert.
  • Add soft white cheeses to gourmet sandwiches with ham and vine ripened tomatoes.
  • Camembert and Brie can also be used when cooking.
Short Orders:
  • Top cooked steak or chicken with a slice of ripe South Cape Brie or Camembert for an indulgent taste.
  • Add slices of South Cape Brie or Camembert and some chopped chives to an omelette. Place cheese and chives on one half of the omelette and fold other half over the top so that the cheese melts a little.
  • Add chunks of South Cape Brie or Camembert  to your favourite frittata recipe.
  • Make delicious fillings for sandwiches, baguettes and wraps; add sliced South Cape Brie or Camembert to a baguette with smoked salmon, rocket and sliced Spanish onion or toasted Turkish bread with leg ham, mustard mayonnaise and slices of vine ripened tomato.
Wine Matching:

Sparkling, Chardonnay, Semillon, warm climate Shiraz, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Selection and storage
  • Avoid serving Camembert or Brie that has a chalky centre as this indicates an unripened cheese.
  • Brie and Camembert are generally best served when closest to the best before date.
  • Store white mould cheese in their original wrapper where possible.
  • White mould cheese absorbs other flavours so store away from strong smelling foods in the fridge.
  • Freezing is not recommended.
  • Remove Camembert and Brie cheeses from the fridge at least an hour before serving for optimum flavour development.