Buffet Cheese Platter

Mini Brie Wheel
  • Serves



  • Your choice of 180g South Cape Trilogy varietal 

  • 200g South Cape Apricot and Almond Cream Cheese

  • 200g South Cape Brie (cut into wedge)

  • 2 ripe pears

  • 200g green grapes
½ cup almonds

  • 1 French baguette, sliced

  • 100g South Cape Crispbread, to serve


With juicy pears, grapes, nuts and breads to match, this appetising cheese board makes a beautiful centrepiece for the party buffet table. Stock up on all your favourite South Cape cheese varieties, add a handful of almonds, some grapes and pears and a crunchy French baguette. Voila!

1. Let the cheeses sit at room temperature for one hour prior to serving to reveal the best flavour.

2. Arrange cheeses on a large board or platter with pears, grapes and almonds.

3. Serve with sliced French baguette and South Cape Crisp-breads. Easy!