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Roasted Beetroot & Garlic Fetta Dip

  • 4 medium beetroots (approx. 750g) trimmed and washed
  • 200g South Cape Garlic Fetta, crumbled 
  • Handful of fresh dill
  • Squeeze of lemon 
  • Black pepper to taste

Wrap each beetroot loosely in a single layer of foil. Place on a baking tray and bake in at 200°C for 1.5 hours until cooked through when pierced with a knife. Cool. Peel the skin off (it is a good idea to wear gloves), cut into chunks and place in a food processor. Add the South Cape Garlic Fetta, and blend until the beetroot and fetta have combined and mixture is relatively smooth. Add a little lemon juice and pepper to taste. Enjoy with South Cape Crispbreads and Cheese Twists and fresh celery and carrot sticks.

Handy hint:

If you prefer, the beetroot can be boiled until tender instead of baking.