4 Cheese Platter

Creamy Camembert, smooth Gouda, Tasty Cheddar and Spring Onion & Chive Cream cheese

Coming up with cheese platter ideas can be time consuming. Lucky for you – we’ve gone ahead and done the hard yards with this perfectly complementary selection of South Cape Cheeses. Just add crackers, grapes, wines or dips.

  • Includes South Cape Camembert, South Cape Gouda, South Cape Tasty Cheddar, South Cape Spring Onion & Chive Cream Cheese.
  • This cheeseboard is ideal for parties of 5-6 people.

Weight: 435g

Nutritional Information

Quick Tip

Platters are also great for snacking. Try one cheese at a time and store the rest in the fridge for next time you’re hungry.